Endurance coaching and strength training designed to achieve your goals

Whether you are looking to develop an endurance discipline, strength & conditioning for a particular sport or want to work on your general health and fitness, Paradigm Fitness offers a solution. Helping to improve all aspects of your training, specific to your needs.

At Paradigm Fitness my aim is simplicity, helping you focus 100% on your training. Through the combination of commitmentconsistency and patience, I believe everyone can make improvements and achieve whatever goal they set themselves.

  Custom training plans

Custom designed training plans tailored to you. Incorporating training history, current fitness levels and lifestyle in order to achieve your goals – whatever they may be.

  Knowledge and experience

Tap into the knowledge and experience I have gained through training, competing and coaching in multiple sports. This experience, coupled with further study and research means I can tailor plans to the demands of your goals and your personality.

  Analysis and feedback

Analysis and feedback of your training helps ensure your plan continues to progress towards your goals. Feedback on where you are improving, overall progress and focus areas will always be a two-way exchange to maximise ownership of your journey.

  Talk to me when you need to

Available via phone, WhatsApp, Zoom, email or text. Whichever format suits you best, to review and plan progress and to support you with your training.

Paradigm Fitness Services

At Paradigm Fitness I offer Endurance Sport Coaching and Strength Training services. Follow the links below to learn more about what I offer and get in contact to take the first step towards your goals.

Step 1

Review packages and get in contact

Step 2

Package consultation and selection

Step 3

Detailed consultation & account set-up

Step 4

Start training!

Endurance Coaching

Endurance sports coaching either as individual disciplines or as multi-sports

Strength Training

Strength training for general health and fitness, injury rehab/prevention or performance goals